Prayer Is Power

In a world where science is seen as the end of all for truth and materialism runs rampant, science is frequently set at odds with Christianity and used as a way to dismiss the claims of Scripture and the power of prayer.  Additionally, the worldview espoused by those who embrace scientism and materialism creates a world devoid of God and any moral authority other than science and the individual’s will, disregarding the power of prayer. Dismissing a very real understanding that prayer has the power to change things. The bible tells us that when two or three are gathered together in HIS name that there is a strength and presence, that will guide us.  How can we restore a right understanding of the relationship between science and faith?  Are the two really at odds with each other?  Can we have a philosophy and theology of science that acts as a servant of God and neighbor, rather than a dominating force over God and neighbor?  How do we properly as scientists, teachers, laity, and pastors interact with science?  How do we truly confess with Scripture that “in Christ all things hold together (Colossians 1:17)? And of course we know that answer to only come from the power of believing in Jesus Christ and submitting your prayer request. You might not know the answer, but you can know who has the answer. Jesus Christ.

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First Lutheran of Carson, is a worshiping community in Carson, California, rooted in the belief that the Christian gospel is true, compelling, and trans-formative. We are a collection of people from all walks and stages of life. Our stories, backgrounds, and interests are varied. But, we are held together by one common bond: We believe that God’s grace in Jesus is the good news the world needs to hear, experience, and live into.

So, wherever you are on your faith journey, whether you are committed to following Jesus Christ, are skeptical, or are just mildly curious about Christianity, we welcome you.

First Lutheran of Carson is connected to the church regionally and nationally. Nationally, we are a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. This connection provides us with partnership in mission, accountability, and support. We live out our ties regionally through our membership in the California Synod.

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