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There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. – Galatians 3:28

We of First Lutheran Church of Carson publicly and joyfully state that we welcome, without exception, all people regardless of race or ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender identity, marital status, physical-mental ability or disability, economic or employment status, age or level of education, or struggles with addiction. We recognize that each person is a unique creation of God, made in God’s image, with gifts to share in this community of faith.

All are welcome at First Lutheran Church of Carson to worship God, receive the sacraments, and share in fellowship and service. All members of First Lutheran commit themselves to exercise their faith, treasuring one another’s similarities and accepting their differences in the spirit of love and good will as we continue to discover what it means to be “Reconciling in Christ.”


Assisting Minister: Lay or ordained person who serves as assistant to the presiding minister, leading prayers, administering the Cup, etc. Volunteers are trained to assist at the Altar. Volunteers are needed for both Sunday liturgies and for weekday liturgies.

Communion Assistant: Lay person or ordained person who administers wine at communion. Volunteers are needed for Sunday liturgies.

Acolyte: A liturgical assistant, usually a young person, who serves in various roles such as crucifer, torchbearer, Bible bearer, candlelighter. Acolytes are scheduled to serve at the weeklyscheduled liturgies and at special liturgies as well.

Lector: Lay person scheduled to read the Scripture lessons, at weekly scheduled liturgies.

Greeter: The ministry of serving as a greeter at our Sunday liturgies is one of the most visible signs of hospitality to visitors.  As an urban church, we have many visitors who come to worship. The role of a greeter is simply to stand at door and welcome parishioners and visitors alike, and to answer any question visitors may have.

Parish Choir: The Parish Choir serves the proclamation of God’s word by supporting our worship and enriching it with special anthems.  The Choir rehearsals are mandatory part of this commitment.

Bel Canto (Italian, “beautiful sound”) is open to students, both boys and girls, in grades 6-12.  The group presents choral music and handbell selections for liturgies. Rehearsals are mandatory part of this commitment.

Cantate Choir: The Cantate (Latin, “Let us Sing”) Choir includes children in the first through fifth grades.  Rehearsals are mandatory part of this commitment..  The Cantate Choir sings for worship approximately every six weeks and presents a musical play, with the entire Sunday School, in the Spring.

Gloria Dei Ringers: The Gloria Dei ( Latin, “Glory to God”) Ringers, the handbell ensemble, is a group of adults and high school youth.  The group rings a four-octave set of Malmark hand bells. Rehearsals are mandatory part of this commitment.

Instrumental musicians: Those who wish to offer their musical gifts by participating in special liturgies, preludes or anthems, are encouraged to speak to the Cantor.

Altar Guild: The Guild is entrusted with the care  of furnishings, appointments, and ornaments used in worship. The Guild prepares the Altar for all Sunday liturgies and for other liturgies in festival seasons.

Presenter of Gifts: Lay members  present the elements (the gifts) at the offertory during  both Sunday morning liturgies.  Families, couples, friends, young people, etc. are all welcome to bring up the gifts.

Usher: Sunday volunteers serve as members of a team, each scheduled for one month at a time, three times a year. Volunteers may be asked to assist other teams, as needed.  Ushers are also needed on a one-time basis to serve at extra services during festival seasons and for special liturgies and music events throughout the year.

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The Christian Education Committee plans and implements our educational program for children and adults.

The Evangelism Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining a process of reaching out to the unchurched, for fostering a climate of hospitality to visitors and those seeking church affiliation, and for maintaining an atmosphere of Christian fellowship and mutual consolation.

The Finance Committee is responsible for the development of an annual Proposal for Ministry (budget), for the regular reporting of the financial transactions of the congregation, and for the oversight of the congregation’s fiscal affairs.

The Health Ministry Committee addresses the health of the whole person within a church setting.  Wellness, health and healing are promoted within the church and within the community by a Health Ministry Team. Health of body, mind and spirit is encouraged through increased self-knowledge, personal responsibility, and supporting God’s people at First Lutheran Church to work together for greater health.

The History and Archives Committee has as its responsibility the location, preservation, and organization of written documents, photographs, and other exhibits of historical interest and significance to the life of First Lutheran Church.  The Committee will further seek to develop and maintain and orderly account of the congregation’s ministry from its founding to the present.

The Memorial and Fine Arts Committee oversees the acquisition and maintenance of ecclesiastical arts and furnishings so that the aesthetic and theological integrity of the church building and its contents are maintained. It also encourages memorial and special gifts to the congregation and educational programs on the significance and value of its ecclesiastical art.

The Personnel Committee has the responsibility of overseeing the administration of the “non-professional” staff and of administering compensation structures for all staff members.

The Property Committee has the responsibility for the oversight, maintenance and improvement of the physical facilities of our beautiful church building.

The Social Ministry Committee plans and implements programs intended to meet human need. It provides educational and advocacy efforts aimed at calling the attention of the congregation to suffering and injustice. The committee also works to develop opportunities for parishioners to use their gifts in service to humanity through the support of ministries beyond our own parish.

The Stewardship Committee is charged with encouraging and promoting generous support for the work of the Church, support which makes wise use of the time, talents, and financial gifts of our members. The Committee also promotes planned giving and perpetual stewardship.

The Worship Committee strives to insure that the liturgical life of the congregation is faithful to the witness of the historical, evangelical-catholic tradition of the Church. The Committee also oversees the music ministry of the parish and seeks to promote the active involvement of the laity in worship leadership.

The Youth Ministry Committee is responsible for programming designed to facilitate ministry to, with  and by adolescent and elementary school-aged young people.

Usher: Sunday volunteers serve as members of a team, each scheduled for one month at a time, three times a year. Volunteers may be asked to assist other teams, as needed.  Ushers are also needed on a one-time basis to serve at extra services during festival seasons and for special liturgies and music events throughout the year.


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Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion – it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.

Billy Graham

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.

C. S. Lewis

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